What is Backrupr?
Backrupr is a project to help people make copies of their data which is stored in web services such as del.icio.us, Flickr, Gmail and others.  Backrupr will focus on information about how to make copies of the data and convert data between applications, tools to automate these processes, and ratings on the backup capabilities of service providers.
Why Backrupr?
Like lots of people, I have an increasing amount of my information stored in on-line services of various kinds.  Some of it is content I’ve created (photos, blog postings, tags, buddy lists, etc), other is stuff people have sent to me (emails, comments, trackbacks, etc).  There’s two reasons I’d like to have copies of this information.  
The first reason is simply to have a backup copy in case something happens to my data at the service provider.  The recent loss of user messages at Gmail confirms the point that, no matter how much resources the provider has, they can lose data.  The second reason to have a copy is to be able to switch providers if you want or need to.  The reasons for switching may be many, but the result is the same:  it’s your data and you should be able to take somewhere else if you’d like.
Status of Backrupr
Backrupr is currently in the planning stage.  My plan is to set it up as a non-commercial, community project.  This site contains FAQs and additional information on the top level plan, current design concepts, and how to get involved.